Sunday, July 31, 2011

Books About Fitness & Health.

A lot of people, yes, want books about fitness and health. Well, at least most people who read this blog. The whole thing about them is, they can be extremely expensive, when you could just buy a fitness or health magazine for a fraction of the price! You could pay more than $30 for some hardcover book that yes, may work, but you could be getting the same tips and recipes for, like, $4, if that! Don't waste your time or money trying to find something big and bulky, you could even subscribe to a magazine like that, get great ideas, and more of them - even though you'll probably eventually end

Monday, July 25, 2011

CoCo is here . . . and so is her advice!

Basically, this blog is mostly for kids through teens. Everything written on here is based off the life of a teenager, and I know what it's like to want advice - and sometimes it feels weird asking someone face-to-face. I can't tell people everything . . . not my friends, parents, siblings. Occassionally I just want to tell someone about my problem online and see if maybe they can help or give me some tips. And of course you don't have to ask in front of everyone else.
I have a completely confidental email address made only for answering your questions or problems . . . you can tell me about anything! If you want your question or problem to be featured on the blog with my answer, at the top or bottom of the email just say if you either don't want it to be shared with the rest of the blog followers or if it's okay. I won't share it with anyone if you don't want me to.

Also - in your email don't give me personal information! I don't need to know your full name, I don't even need to know your first name if you don't want me to. If there's a situation with friends you can make up fake names for yourself and them, and you never have to say where you live or anything personal. I just want to help you sort out your problems!

Please give me comments about my blog! You can write a comment or send me an email and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks and thanks again for reading!


About Healthy, Strong, & Fit.

It seems to get harder and harder to stay fit when you're busy with anything: it could be work, homework, family, pets . . . and sometimes it seems as though you'll never get fit or stay fit. But it is possible - and it doesn't have to be that much work! There is so much you can do to ensure that your body is healthy. It doesn't even take that long!

In this blog you will find several different benefits. Here are some:

- Workouts
- Healthy Recipes
- Tips 
- Advice
& more!

I can't help you solve every problem . . . I'm not really experienced with some things, but hey! I love to help people, and fitness is one thing a lot of people look to find advice on - here you go, then. 

I want to have fun with this, and you can too. (: